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We are a full-service medical communications agency serving the global pharmaceutical industry with healthcare strategy consultancy and communication programs.

We fuel great conversations for health so that healthcare professionals, payers, patients, and other stakeholders can make connections – from science to practice to outcomes. Starting with science and insights at the heart, we use our expertise in digital, data, creativity and principles of behavioural science to develop programs with impact.

We give you breadth and depth of experience and expertise. Excerpta Medica is part of Adelphi in Healthcare Communications and is one of the Adelphi Powerhouses. We have a presence in key markets across the globe including North America, Europe and Asia, so we can provide global and local expertise.




Excerpta Medica has been delivering innovative medical communications for over 70 years. Our driving force is our unwillingness to compromise on quality and our unwavering commitment to our clients. It is a part of our heritage. It is, and always will be, something that distinguished Excerpta Medica from other medical communications agencies.

Excerpta Medica is part of the Adelphi Group. Being seamlessly connected to the full Adelphi offering in Real World, Access, and Research, means we can offer deep insights in science, target audiences, and the market and provide unrivalled services across all phases of the product lifecycle.

We have profound expertise in all key therapeutic areas, based on a strong track record with leading brands. Our network of experts and highly education staff ensure that projects are of the highest scientific and medical quality.

Who we are



More stakeholders. Complex treatments. Information overload. All happening in a dynamic, digital age when we need to do things faster, better, and more effectively. We can help. Fuelling great conversations in health requires precision. It’s about zooming in on the right message for the audience, delivering it at the right time, in the right context and with the right channel.

We deliver programs that go beyond expectations and that take medical communications to the next level. Leveraging our strong foundations of therapy area expertise, expert network and proven track record we develop programs that help our clients cut through the clutter with an approach unique to each business and project. We utilize one or all of the following areas of expertise to help our clients meet their objectives.

How we work
Data & Insights
Behavioural Science

Science is at the heart of great medical communications and the basis on which all of our work is built.

Data & Insights

We use data to generate the right insights and to understand our customer and patient journeys so we can accurately tailor our work.

Behavioural Science

Behavioural science principles, adult learning theory, and communication strategy ensures our programs have an impact – every time.


We apply creative thinking to everything that we do from concept and design to storytelling and data visualization.


Digital, social, and AI are essential to creating, developing and delivering effective medical communications.

How we work – areas of expertise



Our focus on innovation in medical communications means we bring fresh thinking to a long list of programs and services.


Research and analysis
  • Competitor intelligence and benchmarking
  • Literature analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Systematic reviews and analysis
Strategic Plan development
  • Medical communication plans
  • Publication plans
  • Patient Value Planning
  • Value communication plans
  • Expert engagement plans
  • Scientific platforms
  • Scientific and value statements,
    and vocabulary development.

Thought leader engagement

  • Advisory Board initiatives (Live and Virtual)
  • External expert identification, mapping and profiling
  • Expert engagement activities
  • Online communities
  • Steering committee collaboration

Medical education

  • Satellite and standalone symposia
  • Speaker roadshows
  • Speaker training
  • Virtual education event preceptorships
  • Educational content development
  • Case-based learning
  • E-Learning platforms and modules
  • Webinars and webcasts
  • Video and animations
  • App development
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Interactive documents
  • Journal resource centres
  • Website development
  • Newsletters and mailshots
  • Booth panels and materials
  • Congress planners
  • Congress reports

Patient-centric communications

  • Patient summaries
  • Patient and caregiver engagement in education and advisory initiatives
  • Patient educational content
  • HCP-patient communication tools

Medical publications planning

  • Publication planning 
  • Primary and secondary manuscripts
  • Congress abstracts and posters
  • Publication alerts and highlights
  • White papers
  • Publication steering committee development
  • Scientific platform development
  • Vocabulary development
  • Oral congress presentations
  • Literature analysis

Value communication

  • Value statement development
  • HEOR publications and planning
  • Burden of illness reviews
  • Value slide decks
  • Core Dossier writing
  • Systematic and literature reviews

Medical and marketing

  • Educational training, resources and materials
  • Promotional materials/campaigns
  • MSL materials
  • Medical materials
  • Booth panels and materials

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What we do



Our values are visible in everything that we do. They remain true in an age where the only constant is change. If you recognize yourself in these values, it’s likely you will love to working with us and for us.

Do everything however small, in great ways

Authenticity is our guide. What you see is what you get. We are a group of straight-talking, no-nonsense people. We strive to speak and act with integrity. We believe it is important to respect others and listen, because every situation is an opportunity to learn. We hold ourselves accountable to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Expect great, get great

Our dedication to our clients’ success is unwavering. Our aim is to exceed expectations and to strive for a truly brilliant outcome – for our clients, healthcare professionals, and patients. We invest time and energy in understanding the intricacies – in each therapy area, market, and region. We take pride in our work and go the extra mile when it counts.

Be your own brand of great

We nurture our talents and work hard to provide an environment where our teams can learn and flourish – steadily improving, growing, and testing their limits. We embrace our potential to be the best we can be so that we can deliver quality for our clients.

Good alone, great together

We are always better together. We think “we”, not “I”. We are in this together, as a team within the agency and as partners to our clients. A supportive, collaborative environment means we can produce better results. We share what we know, tap into the knowledge of others, and believe in the power of the collective.

Great begins at the end of your comfort zone

We are inquisitive and enterprising. If we understand our client’s needs, we can help them succeed. Sometimes that means challenging the status quo, embracing our entrepreneurial spirit, and asking: is there a better way? We give our ambitions free rein and look beyond the obvious.

What we value


our passion

Working for us

If science is in your blood and you have a passion for communications, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a position at a fast-paced, entrepreneurial agency, you’ve come to the right place.

At Excerpta Medica you’ll be in the privileged position of working with an impressive roster of clients from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. What’s more, you’ll be part of a team of intelligent, committed people working together to meet a common goal – delivering results for our clients.

To succeed at Excerpta Medica, you need to be highly collaborative, have uncompromising integrity, and be passionate and driven to exceed client expectations. In return we will help you nurture your talents with great learning and development opportunities.

If you like what you see, please get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for smart, talented people. For more information about career opportunities with Excerpta Medica, please send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to [email protected].

Working for us


on the look out

for talent

If science is in your blood and you have a passion for communications, we’d like to hear from you. These are exciting times at Excerpta Medica. There’s a lot going on. New clients, challenging projects, new products in the pipeline – and that’s just the short list!

Available vacancies:

If you have any questions or queries, please reach out to [email protected]

Careers – our vacancies


in touch

If you’d like to fuel great conversations for health, we’d like to hear from you.

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